Nissan Photos - post your's

Those are stock Nissan units. It came with one on the passenger's side, and I got the driver's side from a place in the UK. Cleaned them up with a wire wheel and painted them red for fun.
Did some winter camping on the top of a mountain beside an old NORAD radar station last weekend[img]


I'm drooling as I look at these pics. Definitely looks higher than a 2" lift. The 35s obviously give you an even higher clearance. Those wheels look really good on the shorty. What offset is it?
Yes it's definitely higher than 2", although it's a 2" lift kit (because it's meant for a LWB). The wheels are KMC XD Series, XD128 Machete, satin black finish, 6x139.7, 106.25mm bore (got it machined to 110mm to fit the patrol), 17x9, offset -12mm.

This gives you a closer idea of the difference: