NITRO Gear Packages - 1 part number for both axles


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Nitro Gear packages for your vehicle, now with 1 part number!

Nitro Gear and Axle has led the way for many innovating R&P and axle packages. Now they have simplified the way you purchase gears. With one part number you can purchase your front and rear ring and pinions, master install kits, solid preload spacers, and new yokes if they are required. No more searching around to find the correct install kits and ratios for both your axles!

Do you really need new gears in your axles?

It is a common misconception that Re-Gearing a vehicle is only for Hardcore Off-roaders or for huge oversized tires. In fact, most of the late model vehicles we produce aftermarket ratio’s for are daily driven vehicles with slightly oversized tires. In an effort to improve fuel economy, Late model overdrive transmissions are geared very high which means RPM’s are very low on the highway. When even a slightly taller tire is installed the RPM’s are reduced below acceptable levels that the engine was designed to run. This causes constant shifting out of overdrive, sluggish acceleration, poor economy and rapid wear on the transmission and other components.

By changing the Ring & Pinions in your vehicles differentials, you can match the ratio to the tire size to bring the RPM’s back to where the manufacturer intended. Typically it is recommended to select a ratio slightly lower (higher numerically) than what the math will tell you. This will help accommodate increased rolling resistance, wind drag, and added weight of aftermarket accessories and gear.

If you have any questions or need a quote, contact us:

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10 great reasons why you should choose when you're in need of gear or axle parts:

1. Quality Parts.
2. Fast Shipping from 2 warehouses.
3 Huge inventory.
4 Skilled differential experts to help you get the right parts the first time.
5. Name brands including: ARB, Nitro, Eaton, Auburn, AAM, Dana-Spicer and more.
6. No Chinese bearings.
7. Competitive Pricing.
8. Wholesale discounts.
9. Complete custom assembled 3rd members built to your spec.
10. Small town service.

Ph: 866 349 6801


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Working on something out of the ordinary? Not sure what parts you need? We are here to help! Give us a call at 866 349 6801 or email us at and a member of our team will help determine what you need. We stock gears, lockers, axles and all the parts in between to help finish your project.


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It is hard to overstate what a difference correct gearing makes. Heavy back country built rigs almost always need a gear change to perform at an optimum level even when equipped with smaller tires. It is simply one of THE most significant upgrades you can do and unlike most changes, re-gearing benefits you EVERYTIME you drive your rig. On or off-road. If you have any questions you can email us at or call us at 866 349 6801. You can click the link below to see all of our gear packages:

It has been over one month since we had Nitro Gear & Axle change the gears in our truck. She doesn't have huge tires, but she is 6200 pounds. The truck is so much easier to start from a stop with way less clutch involved. It's awesome. It's also super nice on the hills. It's still a 2.7 and will never be a rocket, but the motor is not working nearly as hard. If your thinking about it, just do it. You won't regret the swap.


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Another testimonial about how important having the proper gear ratio is, from JKS Manufacturing:

The JKS 4-door was great, right up to the point those awesome 37" Nitto Tire got installed with the stock gears. Nitro Gear & Axle took care of that problem and more. 4.88's, set up kits, a carrier and even those BEEF differential covers. Problem solved, and now we are fighting over the keys!



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Now is a great time to order new gears, or a NITRO Gear Package Kit. We have tons of inventory in stock! Ask about bundled deals when you order gears and lockers, posi unit or axle shaft kit. Call 866-349-6801 and speak with one of our differential experts today.