No way, bro! Sick! Custom off-road/expedition/overland trailer for sale


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Hello all! I’m selling my custom off-road/expedition/overland trailer. This one-of-a-kind trailer is built to go anywhere and in any weather! And the best part is that you can stay off the the grid for days on end, with all of the amenities, storage, devices, and cargo space. Hit the desert with the bikes, climb the mountains, Joshua Tree, Zion, Moab, Baja surf expedition, cross-counry road trip, or simply hit the local beach and get some attention! And you will draw LOTS of attention with this unique trailer. :)

This is a converted military trailer (heavy duty, solid frame) with utility cabinets/storage professionally welded into the body, providing ample storage while maintaining a lot of cargo space in the bed of the trailer for gear and equipment. There is a sturdy, aluminum frame built into the body that is used for holding the rooftop tent (RTT) and for mounting other equipment (ex: jerry cans, lights, etc).

Main features include:

  • Sleeping: industry best Tepui 4-season, XL rooftop tent (RTT) for sleeping, along with an annex for added space below the tent (5+ people)
  • Power: 100w solar panel and monitor, two deep-cycle / marine-grade batteries, four 12V outlets plus USB ports
  • Water: 30-gallon fresh water tank, outside faucet, and outdoor shower with instant hot water
  • Gas: mounted 10-gallon propane tank
  • Cooking/Food: Coleman stove top, tons of utensils, flatware, and cups included - all stored in the cabinets, ARB refrigerator/freezer that slides in/out for easy access and storage
This is a complete setup and is ready to go! Registered and have title in-hand... Too many things to list, so contact me for more information.

Price: $11,000 OBO (make me an offer :))
Location: Carlsbad, CA (can be delivered regionally or to a rendezvous point)

UPDATE (4/7): Will see trailer without RTT for $9k!!! That’s right... $9k and you get a one-of-a-king off-road trailer that will let you stay off the grid and in with the ladies (or men - no qualms - everyone is free to do as they wish - I support everyone - even 7th Day Adventists! :)




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A few more pics that show it with covers off and the space in the bed. The tailgate comes down all the way or it can be used as a table/surface place to sit, etc... and the fridge/freezer will slide out of the bed about 2 feet for even easier access. And a couple of images showing the aluminum Leitner Co. frame.9D4758E6-F5CC-4390-8B4A-DEA588D8ADEA.jpeg39632D4B-23A7-4608-AB4C-2EE739D38E1F.jpeg84446DA9-8006-4AF4-B114-D965F140FD13.jpeg85B17DFC-09BC-40EF-A30A-9C101286AEA9.jpegD6154FFC-0573-4DBD-AB92-210EF97757CC.jpegFF6EB4EB-059E-47AF-AC2A-62820DE1E961.jpeg


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C’mon fellas... you will not find another one like this... you need it... you’ll become more popular than ever... they’ll chant your name from the mountain top... you will be king... just message me... XOXOXO ;)


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Take advantage of this historic offer!!!

This is w/out the RTT on, and the ARB awning (that also comes with the trailer) in use... if you want more friends and to be the center of attention... this may be your only option.


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“Honey, where did you put the offroad trailer?”
“What’s that? We don’t have one?!”
“****... I really need one.”

- Don’t be this guy


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I need everyone to take a long, hard look in the mirror... ask yourself this... “Do I want to continue living my life in this fashion? Or do I want to grab life by the uvula and get an off road trailer to make my life worth living again?! Sure , I’ve got a family... but that’s really all... they’re nothing without a trailer that’s configurable and easily towed by a 4 or 6 cylinder vehicle!”


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I have gotten my boyfriend's attention on this trailer... Lol just a nibble. He is wondering 2 things. A weight estimate, and if it has trailer brakes. (I'm working the puppy dog eyes to the best of my ability)


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very expensive for what you are getting... but I do respect your sales pitch soooo Party on Wayne! GLWS Bump for the entertainment