NORRA Mexican 1000 2011 - Mexicali to El Progresso and back!


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I have been volunteering with the Mag 7 Pit Crew since the end of 2009...mostly shooting video at the races and helping out where I can. For the 2011 NORRA Mexican 1000 I stepped up as pit captain for the day two pit at El Progresso (south of Bahia de los Angeles). Here is are some photos from the trip. Unfortunately, we were working our tails off in the pit when the racers were coming through, so I didn't get any racing photos....but there were some amazing vintage cars and bikes coming through. It was a really great, albeit short Baja adventure! Enjoy!

About to depart from Mexicali with our gear and 1000 pounds of race fuel

Lunch at Asadero Yaqui south of Mexicali...

Dawn at Alfonsinas - Gonzaga Bay

Pinky the chihuahua at the Gonzaga Bay abarrotes

The road to Coco's Corner

Brandy got a flat

Coco's Corner

Coco's fence

Charlie the Mag 7 pit dog!

Lunch at Chapala Junction

Locals on the road in to El Progresso

The desert landscape was beautiful

More awesome Baja scenery

Night falls over the desert

"Fast Eddy" Martinez was the NORRA course pre-run rabbit until he broke down....bad. We helped him get back on the road and he joined our caravan north.

Eddy welding the front end back together

We rolled into Guerrero Negro at midnight and got tacos!


Malarrimo was an awesome hotel in Guerrero Negro! I highly recommend it!

Breakfast on the road in Villa Jesus Maria

Driver's perspective going through Cataviña

This truck was loaded with jalapeños and took a turn too fast near the turnoff for Santa Rosalillita. Ouch.

We made the requisite stop at Mama Espinosas

Carnitas with salsa verde

And they were amazing!

All in was a great trip! 1,192 miles traveled in 4 days. For those that are traveling down the 5 and beyond in the near future, the paved road south of Puertecitos to the dirt is approximately 24.8 miles....and the remaining dirt road to Alfonsinas is approximately 22.4 miles.

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Viva Baja!