Northern California Land Rover Club Formed

Looks like a great group!

NCLR Mission Statement
April 3, 2007
The Northern California Land Rover Club is a non-profit corporation created primarily with the focus on uniting Land Rover enthusiasts in the spirit of off-road adventures.

The NCLR welcomes all Land Rover owners no matter what level of experience or capability. NCLR sanctioned off-road trips are designed to meet a wide range of driving abilities and vehicle capabilities ranging from large family orientated groups exploring scenic trails to smaller experienced groups with highly outfitted trucks tackling extreme 4 wheel trails.

We will continue developing and enhancing our Club’s website to serve as the backbone in the communication and show case of our adventures, in addition to offering an extensive knowledge base for vehicle upgrades and maintenance tips.

Lastly, our members pride themselves on promoting safe driving and recovery techniques, and through volunteer efforts, remain committed to the preservation of OHV trails throughout Northern California.

NCLR, Family, Education, Conservation, Commitment, Adaptability and Growth.
Support those that are new to it all to help educate them to lead in the future.
Support those who are new to the group to let them know that we are here to support each other.
Respect all members for their individual talents and skills so they may bring them and share them with us all.
The group I am in is not LR specific but we do have five members with Land Rovers and we trade mechanical tips and often work on our vehicles. One member is a LR tech and shares his knowledge freely with all of us and often is able to use the shop he works in to preform maintenance on our vehicles on weekends. It is great to have the opportunity to get the vehicle up for some lift time.