Northern Montana and the Canadian Rockies, August 2015


Absolutely amazing photos and great write up! I just read through the whole report while sitting in a waiting room at a local car dealership service shop. I'm glad I had the time to read it all! After every post came to an end, I looked around, hoping the service advisor hadn't pulled my work van into the shop so I could have time to read one more! lol
Awesome! Thanks for reading! The trip was a blast, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.


Thank you for sharing this trip! I have always wanted to visit that area, and now you just helped put that back on my mind. Your time and efforts of posting up the pictures and description are much appreciated.

Next year the plan is Baja... so now i'm thinking 2017 is N. Montana and Canada!


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We spent a little while perusing the market. We got some local produce and Beret bought some tea. We met a few great locals and had a great time. Afterwards, we hit the streets and started exploring what would very soon become one of our favorite cities of all time. There were a few street performers there that were quite photogenic.


Thanks for the trip report. My wife and I planned a Colorado trip for the last week of June/first of July this year, but after much talking we decided that 4th of July would be too crowded in the San Juan area, plus we have been there a few times. We decided to change our plans to finally go see Glacier NP and Banff since this will be our last year of just the two of us. Lots of great tips in here.