Northern Nevada Memorial Weekend

As we have done on many past memorial weekends we load up and head north out of Reno NV to the beautiful and remote mountains of Northern Nevada. With the El Nino winter brought more moisture and lots of beautiful wild flowers and greenery this year.

Out trusty steed is an old 1983 heavily modified CJ8 Scrambler that my buddy has been building for many years.

We started out in Nevada headed north through the deserts of California on the east side of the Sierras.

From the pavement at 395 we headed east for the next few hours on remote dirt roads that skirted the Smoke Creek Playa

Stopped in on one of our favorite hot springs and cleaned up the Budweiser cans and spray paint bottles.

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Since we were going to be on the road for 6 days and 5 nights its always best to go see Rick and Linda and spend a night at their off the grid ranch before heading further deeper into Nevada.

They are fully self sufficient and anything can be pretty much made at the ol homestead.
Then next morning we headed for Gerlach NV to get fuel and head further north. Here is the black rock playa where burning man is.

Before heading up to our camp we stopped in at another friends ranch to see the new container homes they been building

Finally its time to start heading up the mountain with the playa below

Once at camp our buddy Tim had to get out the 500 Smith Wesson it lets your hand know what your shooting!

As the rest of camp starter rolling in we did some side trips and exploring

The wild flowers were on point
Driving through aspen stands and flowers

Black Rock

Everybody had Ham Radios so we could keep in contact while out playing

Our friends CJ6

High above the Smoke Creek Desert

We had some very nice large fires

An old Basque sheep herders camp
More beautiful Nevada

This was a large powder puff mushroom we found near camp that weighed about 20 lbs.

Headed back home driving through the playa.

Exploring the old rail station out at Smoke Creek
Also we had a fun horse shoe tournament

Luckily I didn't take home the toilet seat award this year

one last farewell of us leaving camp


Thanks for resurrecting some memories. Smoke Creek Area is beautiful and you see few people. From there, we drove south on the west side of Pyramid Lake. Nice drive.


Beautiful area. I joined some friends for a rocket launch, two weeks after Burning Man. I have been invited to join the group again this year in August. I don't think I'm tough enough to to do August.