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Expedition Portal is fortunate to have the support of companies of all shapes and sizes, from big international corporations to hopeful entrepreneurs working out of a garage. The story below is about Northridge4x4. Started by one man in his father's garage, fueled by enthusiasm and passion to grow in to multiple locations and a proud employer. Northridge 4x4 has everything from bumpers and winches to engine parts and ARB roof top tents!
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"Northridge4x4 was established in 2001 as a decidedly modest affair. President and Founder, David Johnson, started building bumpers for Jeep TJ’s out of his father, Brian Johnson’s, 1,200 square-foot garage. It wasn’t long before the business started to grow and the ability to keep up with the demand became difficult so Brian started helping out when he wasn’t working as a police officer. After the first year, the family business grew even more and Kyle, David’s brother, joined the group. Shortly after, the manufacturing of products stopped and the building of Jeeps and supplying the best parts in the industry became the focus. Northridge’s goal was to have products in stock that the customer wanted and be able to ship the same day.

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By 2007, the need for a much larger facility was needed. We broke ground on our current location in Silverdale, Washington and moved into the 13,000 square-foot facility in October 2010. Fast forward to present day and we now have locations in Colorado, Kentucky and Canada with over 40 employees.

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As a company, much of our consistent growth is due to the fact that most of our staff is made up of off-road enthusiasts. Wheeling was the origin and the company was merely an extension of the family passion.

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While the company of today offers products and service for all kinds of four-wheel drive vehicles, we still specialize in aftermarket Jeep parts and accessories, and we are still that small family-run business at heart."

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Yay Northridge 4x4 !! Glad to see you guys here . They have Outstanding customer service and shipping . David , Maxx , Oliver and the rest of the team are very knowledgeable and willing to help. What a great addition to expedition portal!