NorthWest MogFest


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Dates and website/Facebook?


The ink at the bottom of the article is not working and a Google search provides very little info. Please elaborate.




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I think they have switched to a facebook page.

The get together is kept intentionally low visibility to avoid too many looky loos... but all are welcome to participate / drop in and a modest donation is requested. Its not too hard to find just outside of Sheridan OR... but you'll want the address / coordinates - otherwise you have to drive around looking for strange vehicles running in to town for supplies. Very friendly event.


I thought the website would be up all year this year, however it traditionally goes live a couple of months before the event.
Check back in the spring or early summer!


Used to go when I had a Pinzgauer and lived in WA. Very friendly place, leave your dog at home. It's in the rules.
I am in CO and I didn't go as the pinz is really not a good vehicle for a 1600 mile trip. Now that I have an LR the trip might just be a fun jaunt, and it would be good to see some old friends.

jim molloy

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Great article!

I have good news. The NWMF website is alive and back in full operation. How long? who knows. The administrator worked his magic and breathed it back to life. He tells me the server has been problematic and he is considering not only a transfer but possibly a major revision of the website.

The dates for this year's event are August 18th-21st. It will be our seventeenth annual event. And just in case anyone was wondering, yoga will be back for its third year in a row.

2014-08-16 09.20.27.jpg

We do our best to add something new and different each and every year. Please come join in the fun.
Take and all.

Jim Molloy
Waldersee Farm
Sheridan, Oregon