Not sure where to post this...SO! buying a new truck. Thoughts?

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I am currently truck shopping. I want a small truck, I am buying new and I am down to picking the truck I want.

I am looking at the following

Tacoma TRD off road 4 door short box
Colorado z71 4 door short box diesel
Nissan frontier Pro 4x 4 door short box

I am leaning towards the Colorado but I have not put any money down on any yet.

Would like the input of the inmates here!
Get as much bed as possible...YMMV. Other than that, Tacoma is dependable but dated, but TRD Pro has all the goodies. Very little aftermarket for the Nissan. I lean towards the Colorado with the diesel.


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Since you crossed the ZR2 off your list, I'd go with the Taco. But drive one before you get your heart set on it. They don't fit me. The Frontier needs a makeover. Might be worthwhile to test drive the Ram Rebel. If you can get past the ugly gigantic font on the grill and gate.

The Taco has a rear elocker right?


The Taco has a rear elocker right?

Correct. It's a pretty sweet ride, Good Power to Freeway Speed. Laser adapated Cruise Control. Quite. Good Navigation. Crawl Control on the TRD Offroad package.
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I hate to sound like a broken record, but are you sure about a short bed?

I would look at the zr2 v the trd and then decide based on what is more comfortable for you to drive, and which you can get the most "bang for you buck" from a dealer.


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Short boxes are dumb. You can't even sleep in them. What are you going to do, haul 4'x4' sheets of plywood? I don't get it.

even their long boxes are short :). I guess they are great for throwing a stinky pair of hiking boots in.

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Says the guy driving a jk. Ha ha ha. I am taking the pro 4x for a test drive tomorrow, I have driven the other two. Both have their weak and strong points, the p4x has a rear locker, I like the look and best part it’s 6k cheaper than a similarly equipped Colorado.
I was in your shoes I’m 2017. I went with the Nissan. It’s an old model, true, but that means it’s been tested and there are no issues. Fully boxed frame, 4-wheel disc brakes, utilitarian interior, rear locker, a 4.0 v6 with a lot of low end torque and you don’t have to rev it out to get the power. As far as aftermarket goes, what do you need? A lift, a topper, air lockers, sliders, front and rear bumpers? The Nissan has options for all of them. True, the Nissan doesn’t come with a go pro mount...
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Depends what suits your needs.
Just bought a 2018 Colorado with V6. Coming out of a 2008 Colorado, both crew cab with the 5 ft. bed. For the way I drive and use it, can't justify the diesel's higher maintenance costs and and since I often do short trips around town, had my doubts about the regen cycle being able to run a complete cycle as much as it needed to.
On the 5 ft bed, true, its difficult to sleep in with the tailgate closed. It will however fit 3 storage containers, 2 5-gal gas cans, 2 6 gal water containers, a full size spare tire, a couple of toolboxes, spare battery, 20# CO2 cylinder, 5 gal shower, shovel, hilift and assorted boots and dirty clothes and a loaded trash bag or two.
For sleeping, there's either been a teardrop trailer on the rear hitch or an RTT up top.
How much more do you want to carry? It will also hold enough gravel to overload the suspension. I last tried to haul something the size of a sheet of plywood in 1986 (or was it 1987?) when I didn't own a truck of any kind.
Rear locker works pretty well although its not switchable. Smooth, responsive, reasonably able to move when you push the pedal. Yeah, I'm happy with it so far. That front under chin skirt will likely be gone soon. I put real adult-sized people in the back seat for 100's of miles at a time.
The aftermarket has choices for most anything, lifts, winches and bumpers, caps, skid plates.

Toyota holds its value better at trade in time, I'm told. Don't know that, my trucks tend to be pretty much ragged out when I get rid of them. In searching for used ones, the 1-2 year old Colorados seemed to be priced similar to new ones. Same for late model used Toyotas. Toyota has more aftermarket choices.

Nissan is dated but as pointed out above, its a settled design. Little experimentation. Aftermarket choices more limited but they're definitely out there. 1-2 year old models are better priced when you can find them. Some of the vehicles I've been happiest with over the years are those where the manufacturer is putting minor tweaks or added equipment to a settled design.

Its really a matter of what works for you, seat adjustments, general feel, etc.

For my purposes, the fit and comfort of the Colorado works while the others didn't as well for me.

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