Not very many Grand Cherokee WK's??


Yeah, I'm not really sure what happened. After I posted I checked them and they were there, but then later they weren't. First time attaching a picture, so let me try again!
Nice looking wk Nick, I like the black trim on the white.


Thanks man! She looks pretty bone stock on the outside right now but here is one of the Jeep in the background of the main toy I "carry."
Excellent toy carrier, thanks for posting up, wondering how many double takes other drivers give you, seeing that 😀

Nice hobby!


WK's were truly a leap forward in fuel economy, power, and reliability over the WJ. There's still some old jeep tech (not necessarily bad) in the WJ. I think WK's are a little bit more reliable after the germans cracked the whip in QC.


Built, not bought!
It's great to see the WK getting some love and recognition. I love mine, and would recommend it to anyone for an all around great SUV.


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I can change my custom title now!!
I love my WK. TONS of power with the 5.7L Hemi, comfortable, nice ride, great for trips and the family loves it. I have a 2.5" lift awaiting install and then its on to new tires...bigger only slightly though. It is going to stay mostly trailer hauler and family hauler, the XJ will be the adventure Jeep for now.

Unless I sell it to finance my WK? Hmmm.....