Not very many Grand Cherokee WK's??


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Finally had my 2014 WK2 Ecodiesel on a few moderate trails. I can echo what other others have mentioned. Ton's of create comfort, excellent range, and an impressive 4wd system. It is a great daily driver that can hit moderate trails with no issue. The great thing about the diesel, is the miles you can get on one tank. On our recent trip to Colorado, I was able to go 680 miles with room to spare.

Yep! That was his first time out wheeling, and his shoe choice was biting him all weekend. I can't count the number of times he was slipping and sliding! He enjoyed his rides in the wk though. Totally gobsmacked at some of the obstacles we drove through.
Went to Vermont over the weekend and did some VOT 2014 trails.


This was the first challenge trail for day one last year. A very steep , rocky, shelf road.


We had to pile some rocks to climb the ledges.


Grand Cherokee did really well until we came to this, about a half mile in ,we were about 4" too tall !


So we had to do the whole thing again, ONLY BACKWARDS !!!


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It's great to see all the WKs here. Here's a couple of shots of our diesel at Pismo Beach recently.



I like the WK2's comfort, it's a great long distance road trip driver, and it's also my daily driver. And I like the CRD's range and MPG. Right now it is stock and over the years and miles I will be improving it, I like some of the improvements by the guys in this thread.
Nice pics. Bob.
We missed you at VOT 2015 this past week, but glad to see you were running trails in VT. Backing out of that one looks better than the trail from last year....... Hope you had a great time the weather was perfect. Your truck is the perfect WK.