NPR 4wd conversion and camper build thread.

I got offered a deal that I could not refuse on this thing. It has a Cummins 6Bt, Allison trans and Dana 60s front and rear. New wheels and tires, new winch, new led lights, new bucket seats, etc etc... I am planning to delete the current flat bed and fab a frame to mount my camper on this chassis once the camper is done. See my build thread. I may eventually build a different camper to better fit this chassis but for now it will be great. Here are some pictures as it sits. I will have the truck Friday and will upload more pics then. Please offer up any advice or thoughts.

Here is my photo album of the camper so far.

The plan as you can see in the pics was to use my S10 as the chassis with some considerable upgrades in the drivetrain department. It was always going to be an exercise in light weight and compact engineering. I had always considered an NPR build like this out of reach for me but that changed when I got the opportunity to buy this one for so cheap.
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The rear is a 4 link with panhard bar and air bags. The front appears to be stock Isuzu leafs with the Dana 60 mounted to them. It comes with a T case but I don't know which one yet. I assume whatever came with the Allison.
This is funny. I was wondering what happened to that project. Please post pictures and details when you can. I really want to see how he set the steering up to the stock steering box. Make sure you go over all his work. Those gussets he welded on for the front spring hangers looked less than ideal. Cool project and I am glad it is in the hands of someone who will finish it. Keep us posted.
I will be going over it completely. Probably going to change some things. The steering isn't complete but he said he found a solution using some linkage piece from a freightliner. From what I have seen so far, the welds look great but plenty of it is incomplete as it's not a finished product by any means. I am picking it up Friday morning and will upload a bunch of pics.
Sounds good. I would love details about the steering when you find out. I have an npr and really want to do a d60 front. I am sure the actual welds are fine. It was the physical location of the gusset that made me worried. Get it, go through it, build it and share. I am excited to follow your progress.

Reviewing some of the episodes and I found it has a rebuilt 261 T case with the slip yoke eliminator conversion. The 6BT is from a reputable dealer. The trans is an Allison 1000 from a Chevy truck and includes a billet adapter to the cummins.
Yeah, my buddy got a 4bt from the same guy. He had the injectors rebuilt, but that was it. We put it in a Bronco II. Man, it's a fun truck to drive!!!

Will be watching this.... Amazing they never finish the cool projects like the Crawler Hauler and the single seat rock buggy powered by a Honda four cylinder turned longitudinal. They have no qualms, however, about completing 145 Jeep projects every year, but I digress.

I heard years ago from someone who knew Ian, that the project cars are bought in his name, becuase the company can't buy them, modify them and then sell them to the public for liability reasons. He has sold several cars this way, as have hosts of other similar TV programs.

How far did he get on the conversion? Does it run and drive? Good luck and keep us posted.
I forget whose name is on the title but I signed a release of liability with RTM productions. It's not running or driving yet. Needs plenty of wiring, plumbing, steering fab, shocks, etc etc. but lots has been done. I removed the flatbed already and will sell it if I can. Maybe shorten the wheelbase.
Here are some more pics as it sits. Let's hear what everyone thinks. It will be a while before I get much done on it but my first plan is making it run and drive.