NPS 300 Crewcab questions

Good one Cuddy!

Kym dropped off a set of 6x Rims & Trackmaster tyres at Brisbane airport for me yesterday. It is costing me AUS$ 2,500 in air-freight and customs clearing into Cape Town alone! Going to be an expensive few days this side of the world too!

May your new setup give you thousands of kms of trouble free travel!!
WOW ! That certainly makes it an expensive excersise!
PS. Cuddy those kgs add up very quickly as I have just discovered, so watch your weight.

You live and learn.
Yes I have been mindful of this whilst fabricating up all of the bits and pieces. I have a gvm of 6500 kg Tare 4400kg, so that's around 2100 kg to play with. Hopefully when I'm loaded up I won't have to offload to many "non essential " items.... hmmm that might be difficult!
Sold my second NPS tonight so now have the funds to get on with my camper build, bolted on a ECB winch bar last night now for front and rear winches looking a 17000lb Sherpa Mule twin motor winches anyone got any feedback on them?? I like the redundancy of twin motors plus the longer duty cycle of the winch due to halving the load. So far the Jacksons Carry me Camper is the leader as far as slide on camper goes Ive looked at trayon and outback aswell as Travellander, all are well made but really would prefer a side entry as i wish to mount my spares on the rear winch bar to shift weight back and hopefully make the incab ride a little better.
Im leaning more towards a basic no frills camper as that leaves less to fail and also i like the "simply roughing it" part of camping and want to teach my kids to appreciate it also. I see too many kids glued to ipads and such when the real attraction is all around them.
I figure with the reduced length of the tray and lighter construction the overall mass would remain the same? Existing tray is 3500mm long so the 500mm i reduce it by would be bloody close to same weight as rear bar and wheels.

its not a "don't do it". Just that there's an inconsistency between "shift weight back" and "hopefully make the incab ride a little better".