NPS 300 Crewcab questions

Cheers my tech savviness is appalling lucky I dig good holes, after Xmas Gitshams are building me an alloy tray and then I’ll be on the prowl for a lightweight slide on type camper
Decided to build a lightweight steel frame and aluminium floor, the waiting time and the fact that the Gitshams tray is just rivetted together made me doubt its longevity. It was only $3800 compared to $8k for fully welded Ally tray but wait time was months so its my xmas break project. Ill use aluminium for the sides aswell. I have the steel tube weights so ill work out the meterage and will know within a couple kgs what it should weigh. Fabbed up spring mounts last night so tomorrow the frame should be all but done the plastic for bearers between the rails and chassis I've sourced from DOTMAR at 65mm x 20mm x 3m long $35 each
Only downside to building it in duragal is the spatter!!! My sleeves look like the lacework and I'm covered in burns. Working upside down to tack in the rope rail, I first got to do the hot dance as a ball of molten galv went in my lace up boot, regathered myself and a ball of spatter went in my earhole, ahhh the sizzling of wax and brain, put in ear plugs and gathered my remaining patience struck an arc and **** me a ball of spatter bounced into my nostril **** that hurt and for a week everytime I blew my nose, rubbed it, etc the skin split it was like having the sharpy booger from hell!!!!