Nullacruising: Los Angeles, CA to Eurasia-Africa and Beyond

We are shipping our homemade rig name Nulla to Zeebrugge, Belgium first week of December 2018 to begin our travel in Eurasia-Africa and beyond. Our immediate "plan" after we pick up Nulla in January 2019 is to travel south (for warm weather) to Spain and Portugal, and then Morocco. We have traveled in China, Baja California, Canada and Alaska. Just got back from 6 months in Vietnam with a short trip to Cambodia. You can follow our travel @nullacruising and our website Expedition Portal continues to be an inspiration to our travels and the of building of Nulla. This is the first time Nulla is shipping outside of the Americas. We hope to learn from you.

Our first question: Do you change the vehicle registration status while it is out of the US to planned non-operation status (NPO)? card.jpg Utah.jpg yukonriver.jpg
Interesting rig how about some info and about the camper, love to know more about it, thx
Camper: 450 watts solar panels, connect to 120v (when available), battery charger, Queen size bed, Wallas diesel powered stove connected to the tank, shower, compositing toilet (not yet installed) blue water connection.
ARB fridge.

The Landcruiser: 65 gallons diesel tank, straight 6 cylinder with turbo (12ht engine), intercooler, 5 speed transmission (H55) ARB lockers all four, widen 14" at the axel, higher gear at the differential for more torque. We don't go fast :)

Build thread:

Queen size bed with penthouse view :)
stove and sink.jpg
Diesel powered Wallas stove and sink
all around open cabinets at top for easy access, drawers at the bottom
solar controller.jpg
Electric controller, sollar, inverter, battery charger, 120 volt connection solar panels.jpg
Cool trip. The registration will need to be valid for the entirety of your trip (or at least faked convincingly). Since it won't be operating in the United States, you can change your registration status to whatever is cheapest.


I remember you guys from Ih8mud, I'm glad to see that NullaCruiser is still around, and carrying you to new adventures!