OFF MARKET - 2017-2020 Ford F250/350 Buckstop Bumpers Front & Rear + Warn 16.5s + Baja Designs + Skid Plates - $9,900


For sale are front and rear all steel Buckstop Truckware bumpers, Warn winch, and Baja Designs lights. The bumpers are currently installed on a 2019 F350, they are guaranteed to fit 2017-2019, and perhaps up to 2021. On Monday when Buckstop is open, Ill reach out to Lane/Clinton and confirm. The bumpers and everything installed within them are less than a year old, and in excellent condition. I do use my truck, they aren't showroom, but nothing to note, and everything operates perfectly. I paid just about $8,500 for both bumpers, aluminum box, and skid plates, an additional $2500 for the winch, and somewhere in the neighborhood of $4000 for all of the lights. Grand total of $15,000 give or take a hundred dollars or so in either direction. Obviously labor for wiring and install are not include, that was A LOT more. HAH!

1. Front is the BOSS model w/adaptive cruise, in their standard black powder coat finish. - $2000 - 1a. Warn winch - $2000 - 1b. A total of 6 Baja Designs LP6's - (4 white, 2 amber) - $2000 -
TO NOTE: In order to separate the winch from the bumper, I would have to completely uninstall and then reinstall the bumper, which as of right now I am not I am not willing to do, unless the bumper is being sold as well. Therefore, I will not sell the winch separately unless the bumper goes first, or they go as a pair. I apologize!
$6000 for the bumper + winch + lights combo.

Rear is their standard 2 swing out option with sensor relocation holes and install tabs. One spare tire swing arm, and one aluminum box platform swing arm - Buckstop aluminum box included. $2400 - 2a. Pair of Amber XL 80s - $500 - $2900 for for the bumper, aluminum box, and lights.

Aluminum skid plates from front bumper through the entire undercarriage terminating at rear diff. $1000

I am hoping that someone is looking for everything in one big purchase. Please let me know your thoughts. My entire truck is listed for sale, so if I get an offer, I'll be pulling this ad. I may keep the truck and recoup as much as I can on the aftermarket products. Thank you in advance!

Travis - I live in Costa Mesa in SOCAL


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It's heavy stuff that will cost a bunch to ship. You might want to post a location (unless you did and I overlooked it) and hope for someone in the region. Nice stuff. Good luck!


It's heavy stuff that will cost a bunch to ship. You might want to post a location (unless you did and I overlooked it) and hope for someone in the region. Nice stuff. Good luck!
You’re exactly right… thank you for catching my error!

I’m in SOCAL!


General question - are you planning on parting the whole thing out and returning to stock?

Would you consider working something out for the Carli suspension and my Tremor package parts?


Great question, and to be totally transparent, my brain is all over the place. I do know for certain, that I want to sell the truck, and outside of that, this could go so many ways. I obviously have posts with products that I would take off and sell, but there hasn't been much interest. I could go on forever about the different scenarios pending what parts were to sell first, and what route I would go next, but I will spare you.

Back to your question --- I haven't considered removing the Carli parts, they are very hard to come by, and they make the truck ride like a dream, but it could be an option. For now, I am still holding onto hope that I can sell the truck as is. I have two people from the portal that I have been back and forth with over the last week, and I am hoping I can make a deal soon.

If the sale of this puppy does not come to fruition over the next few weeks, I will strongly consider your thought and perhaps we can work something out. If I do go this route, you have my word, you'll be the first person I contact.

I have already made a similar promise to another member in regards to a few other parts.

Sorry for the long response, I am often accused of being too long winded, but I like to be thorough, and I have nothing to hide.


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