OFF MARKET - Buckstop Bumpers Front & Rear + Warn 16.5s + Baja Designs + Skid Plates - $9,900


For sale are front and rear all steel Buckstop Truckware bumpers, Warn winch, and Baja Designs lights. The bumpers are currently installed on a 2019 F350, they are guaranteed to fit 2017-2019, and perhaps up to 2021. On Monday when Buckstop is open, Ill reach out to Lane/Clinton and confirm. The bumpers and everything installed within them are less than a year old, and in excellent condition. I do use my truck, they aren't showroom, but nothing to note, and everything operates perfectly. I paid just about $8,500 for both bumpers, aluminum box, and skid plates, an additional $2500 for the winch, and somewhere in the neighborhood of $4000 for all of the lights. Grand total of $15,000 give or take a hundred dollars or so in either direction. Obviously labor for wiring and install are not include, that was A LOT more. HAH!

1. Front is the BOSS model w/adaptive cruise, in their standard black powder coat finish. - $2000 - 1a. Warn winch - $2000 - 1b. A total of 6 Baja Designs LP6's - (4 white, 2 amber) - $2000 -
In order to separate the winch from the bumper, I would have to completely uninstall and then reinstall the bumper, which as of right now I am not I am not willing to do, unless the bumper is being sold as well. Therefore, I will not sell the winch separately unless the bumper goes first, or they go as a pair. I apologize!
$6000 for the bumper + winch + lights combo.

Rear is their standard 2 swing out option with sensor relocation holes and install tabs. One spare tire swing arm, and one aluminum box platform swing arm - Buckstop aluminum box included. $2400 - 2a. Pair of Amber XL 80s - $500 - $2900 for for the bumper, aluminum box, and lights.

Aluminum skid plates from front bumper through the entire undercarriage terminating at rear diff. $1000

I am hoping that someone is looking for everything in one big purchase. Please let me know your thoughts. My entire truck is listed for sale, so if I get an offer, I'll be pulling this ad. I may keep the truck and recoup as much as I can on the aftermarket products. Thank you in advance!

Travis - I live in Costa Mesa in SOCAL


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