Off-Road and Adventure in Romania.


Hi all!
I'm JorJ and WILDSTATE is the place where I share my adventures.

This is my wolf. The White Wolf... Nissan Patrol 4x4 GR Y60 2.8TD SWB '96.

And this place called Dobrogea... a place for me like home...

I finished work at my Patrol (before this I had a Patrol Y61 ZD30) this autumn and I'm anxious to go wild.

So, here we are in Vrancea Mountains...

Full pictures gallery is here... Wildstate.

Then, a night ride to ravines close to home...

Full pictures gallery is here... Wildstate.

And last week-end I took a ride to the forest...

Rear winch out, front winch in, crossing the ravine...

Another deep ravine...

Full pictures gallery is here... Wildstate.

And the show has just begun...


Because it's winter time, let me show you some pics from the beginning of 2012 with frozen Black Sea, a very rare phenomenon.

At sunrise, I let my Patrol in a safe area...

And last 2 km I go on foot to the sea shore

What I was found there... was... I don't know... simply beautiful, and I start shooting

After this I took a ride to Constanta Cliff, to see the ice rocks.
And I saw them in my way...

At sunset I return to the wild beach for one last shot...

It was -22gC / -8gF in that day. Really cold, but a fine moment.

I made a short video with the images...

And to capture this I had to put the camera on tripod inside the car, because outside didn't work at that temperature. When I go to stop camera I realised that Patrol was sinking in the ice. It was damn creepy time to pull it out of there.

You can see all pics from that day, here... WILDSTATE.


Some awesome country

You had me with your first picture and everyone after that too! You posted some very beautiful pictures.


A lot of snow and fun, in the woods close to home:

And a little obstacle, but not the impossible:

Here I am in slow motion:

And deeper snow:

Drive slow, but sure :)

Full resolution photos: WILDSTATE.


If you don't have money for car wash, you have to find a solution:

Action in slow motion:

Then... a little bit relax :)

Between friends :)

Full resolution on WILDSTATE.

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