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I just came across it, may be it was posted before I thought it wouldn't hurt to post it again in case someone needs some inspiration. Pretty cool little expo truck they built out of an everyday RAV4 I must say.

They have many parts to the build these might not be all but I'll try:


Can't say I ever really liked that platform. Reminds me of the Suzuki X90 at certain angles.

But that being said, I love to see cars modified like this that you regularly wouldn't see!


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I have a 3rd gen RAV4 as my DD. It would take a lot of work to make it a viable offroader IMO. Way too vulnerable underneath, gas tank is right there, exhaust pipes down low... and of course, no low range. Sure it can do dirt roads and most two-tracks, but anything with rocks would be iffy at best.

It is possible the first gens like the OP have more clearance, they look like they do but not sure.


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The 1st gens of both the CR-V and RAV-4 are more capable soft-roaders than their successors. The RAV4 had the advantage of a push-button center diff lock over the CR-V. There are plenty of people on YouTube using them the way you wouldn't expect. Don't expect them to be hardcore rock crawlers- this isn't pirate4x4 afterall :) but in the true run-whatchya-brung sense they will get you down most dirt trails and mild off-road trails with a good set of tires and a small lift like in the article.

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