Off Road South Island New Zealand.


That is the spirit I wish more of us in the USA would show. Really great pics and thanks so much for posting all this.
Thanks for your comment 1leglance, it was all driven by just a few guys , who sold all 110 of us on the idea , and we each put $2000 in and bought the land (110hectares). The plan was and is , to retain a wilderness experience for people.


The old 1975 FJ55 was really rough, it had been abused and neglected by all its previous owners. It had lots of rust , the rear diff screemed like a fire engine , the front diff clonked real bad and it had no brakes.

But it had twin doors on the rear and I wanted that .

I was a little miffed that I got it so easy , the car yard was in receivership and I offered 1/4 the window price and it was promptly accepted . Ah well ........

New diffs , LSD in the rear , disc brake front end, a few well placed metal reinforcements wheels and tyres , add the CB and good to go.

It was so different off road that I had to learn to drive all over again. I'd never been stuck so much before :Wow1:

After drowning the thirsty old 6 pack several times , I changed the engine out for a small block Chev, that was fun .


Some random picnic shots of up the local rivers .

Loafing :)

The lads clearing the swimming hole . Unfortunately , it disturbed the water rat so the girls refused to go near the water.



You NZ guys are tough. Your 4WD club trips look like unofficial Camel Trophy events. Awesome photos. Thanks for taking the time to share them.


I loved the South Island, well, I love the North Island too. I haven't seen those area though. I didn't have my 4WD with me. I had a 73 FJ55 for 13 years and had many off-road adventures with it. I didn't try waters that deep though. It was starting to rust when I sold it but it was still mechanically very sound.

Thanks for sharing.


You know , if there were prizes being given out , the FJ55 would win the fastest rusting truck award I am sure :Wow1:

But I kept at it and replaced steel fairly regular :)

Back to the Avoca Valley , on a trip where we planned to circumnavigate Mt Fitzwilliam, this meant a climb over tussock hills and a drive around Lake Lillian , there was no formed track so the vehicles were at the mercy of the landscape.
Going around the lake , was a bit of a spincter pucker trip , all over 20deg slope and rising and falling over the tussocks and rocks. But no one fell over , so it was all good.

Camped again in the only sheltered spot in the valley.

Two 'Cruisers towing in tandem , pulling a Landrover 110 up the slope

Looking back down the slope to the Harper river.

Lake Lillian with the Mt Fitzwilliam behind

Exiting the area via a rising Harper river



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I've enjoyed watching your trip much and it seems like I was there when you had your trip. What I like most was when you crossed the river. It seems that your truck will drown but it did not which is amazing. This made me think to sell the car I have right now and bought one like this. Nice adventure you got out there the Ashley river, and goes down the Okuku. The whole trip is just 'TWO THUMBS UP . What was your favorite part of your trip?


I'm glad you got some enjoyment there Kevin :)

jackkent , every trip has some great highlights , but the best has always been the Lake Daniels trip. more pics on that later.

Banks Peninsular is kinda on our back door step , so a few trips around the bays were inevitable , pretty tame , but interesting because of the history and we were traveling from farm to farm via the private tracks.

Some times the group got quite large, logistics became interesting when filling up at a one pump village gas station.

But the camp out was always worth it.



We did a nice trip up the Glenroy Valley , the valley was farmed , the mountains were State Forest Park on one side and National Park on the other.

The drive started out on the picturesque access to the homestead.

and deteriorated into some fairly scary water.

The river was deep and flowed real fast .

We crossed it 27 times :snorkel: :Wow1:

oh , and the bloody mozzies were atrocious :ar15:


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I will definitely wait for more pictures of your Lake Daniels trip. Exploring the natural beauty of the nature is always fun. I hope that someday I can do what you are doing right now. Seeing you and your friends having fun while doing your off road adventure is extremely great.