Off Road South Island New Zealand.


Oh yeah .......... so one day I decided to take a short cut across the Waimak River

That was a fail ........ :snorkel:


It took half an hour to drag the truck up thru the bank, my friend had to find a tree to tie his truck to, and enough rope .......... late again ......... LOL.

The PTO on the troopie was GOOD though :)


An area I really enjoyed is the Waipara river , especially the upper gorge , the limestone rock has washed away to some interesting formations.
We spent a little time walking the gorge (where we could) then played for a while.

Not everyone managed to drive thru unassisted :snorkel:

Driving on by the man with the rope, LOL (Torson diffs working well :) )

And down stream to the (sensible) part of the river

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Wow, I thoroughly enjoyed your adventures and lovely pictures. I've never been to the South Island, but did live on the North Island a while back. Maybe someday soon my pig & I will return.


Thanks for sharing. Have only tootled around NZ in a camper an but nearly every two track we saw we wished we had a 4wd to delve deeper, especially over near Haas


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Sweet pictures, cheers for sharing! Joining a club is on my to-do list, as soon as I get a more serious 4x4.


now I want to talk about New Zealand's beautiful and attractive attraction of Waitomo Glowworm Caves are famous for its superb beauty. It has mnay caves and on the other hand I love its one more cave which name is Cathedral Cove. I will try to move my aunt for enjoying natural beauty on the destination of NZ.