Off Road Trailer build for my JKU

Finally got 90% of my materials together for my off road trailer build for my jku. Started yesterday and got it to a rolling chassis today. Happy with my progress so far. I spent the last 4 months or so researching and reading about all the different types of trailers. I am modeling mine after a turtleback trailer. I made the main box 7 feet long x 4 feet wide to accommodate a wife and kids extra stuff. It's sitting on a UCF torsion axle with electric hubs and have 16 inch smoothies on 295/70R16.

Spent plenty of time measuring and making sure it is square and level and pretty happy with how it came out for a chop saw, grinding wheel and measuring tape. My goal is to get it useable for our trip in June and then finishing a lot of the interior items, like kitchen, storage and water supply.

More work tomorrow...

Looks like you're off to a great start mate. There's something about a trailer chassis with big tyres, they always look tough.

We used our camper a number of times before I went ahead and built the kitchen and finalised the storage. Its a great way to work out what exactly you want and need.
Finally made some more progress. A lot of rainy days and a week away for a conference set me back a bit. Made some good progress yesterday and plan to get more done tomorrow and this weekend. Coming along rather nicely.

I have some welding experience having build over 200 sets of bike racks for triathlons. I've done little projects for my friends brewery making stands for their brewing vats. I am using a 110v welder and make sure to adjust the settings to the tubing requirements. Biggest thing I do is take my time on my final weld.

I am using a mix of sizes. I used 2x2 for the back bone. 2x3 for the frame and 1x2 for the cross supports. The receivers on each end are curt 2x2 unfinished.

some more pics.

Unfortunately progress has been slow with a tremendous amount of rain when i am off from work and I have been fighting an upper respiratory infection. Was able to do a few minor items like place the wire chase tubes, clean up my welds with the wire wheel and grind down the top welds for the deck. I got the front and back wheel protectors done and tacked into place. Hopefully tomorrow is another day and I can get the deck fully installed and get working on the box. This was supposed to be done for a June 12 camping day, optimistic to say the least, so now the goal is for our July 22nd camping trip.

Little more progress today. Finally able to breathe again. Yay Tussin!

Seam welded the front and back wheel blockers and got the front portion of the deck cut and tacked into place. Hoping to get the main decking in place tomorrow and begin the box on Monday.

More progress today. Front welded into place. Cut the main deck and got that tacked into place. Wasn't the greatest of cuts but not bad with my grinder.

Long day of welding ahead for tomorrow and now to build the main box. Feel like a major hurdle was overcome finally.

Just got back from camping last night and excited to work on the trailer again. Did a lot of thinking of how to improve my kitchen layout when it pulls out and overall general use especially with a wife and kid. The best part was my wife actually enjoyed camping and wants to keep going and the kid had a blast.

Prior to leaving I installed the mopar 7 pin trailer harness because we borrowed a small camper from my aunt. got the harness from the dealer for 120. Took about an hour to install it. No computer flash needed.

Hoping to post some progress pics this weekend.
So more rain delays, trip to Sesame Place and a walking pneumonia diagnosis, but got in two days of work and finally finished securing the deck down to the frame, got the tubes cut for the box and started welding down the box bottom. Weather forecast looks good for a few days so I am hoping I can get a lot more done.