Off-Road Trailer Registration? (AZ)


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Does anyone have any info on off-road trailer registration in AZ? You can get permanent tags for some trailers. Also, some of the fees on RVs and travel trailers are expensive based on MSRP.

The following are not eligible for permanent registration:
  • Travel trailer or camper/tent trailer
  • Commercial trailer with declared GVW of 10,000 pounds or less
  • Historic trailer that is designed for commercial use, but is not used for commercial purposes
This is what their website says. I wondering if anyone knows how they classify an off-road trailer with a RTT. I've heard if it doesn't have a bathroom it can be registered as a utility trailer basically and get perm tags.



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If you have a home made trailer, just take it down and have them inspect it, throw a vin on it, create a title as a home built trailer and call it good. That's what I did with mine, has perm plates.


Do they still have to inspect a purchased one? Like from Turtleback or Adventure Trailers?

Just tell them it is a utility trailer and you should be able to get a permanent tag. However, if your title says anything like "RV" or "Camper" you may have a more difficult time. For example, I couldn't get my VRV Teardrop, which is really just a big box, registered with a perm plate. All others I have been successful with.