Official goneMOAB 2018 Announcement


We're in the planning stages for goneMOAB 2018 and I wanted to make sure we got the word out to folks earlier rather than later. While the event has primarily been off-road focused, we've added in overlanding to the event as that's something that many folks want to experience. Not sure if we'll have one or two overland trips planned as part of this year's event, but we'd love to have you out there. The event is a great way to meet other Nissan enthusiasts and find folks to wheel and overland with.

  • Event starts Sunday, May 20th and ends May 25th
  • We're in Moab, UT
  • We have a decent number of sponsor show up, so you can see all sorts of fun stuff first hand and even buy it if you'd like.
  • We also do a few catered meals (Sun at our Meet and Greet, a Monday pizza party, Thursday raffle and dinner), and a disorganized cookout hosted by yours truly.

In terms of overlanding, last year's plan was to do Elephant Hill, go out Beef Basin and camp there, then take Lockhart up into town (with one more night on Lockhart). We're looking at different routes for this year's fun, so we'll have to see what things hold. That route is still in play, there's some chatter about doing the Kokopelli Trail, or maybe some others. If any of you have any suggestions, we're certainly open to them.

Same here. By the way, are you interested in doing the Overland part? If so, or even if you're not, I'm interested in hearing about suggestions for the route.

We've just about finalized the trail selection. It's a fun and complicated process, but it should be done soon. As soon as it is, I'll start putting up some updates for everyone.
Thats great about the trail selection!

Personally, I'm not all that interested in the overlanding. If I was though, I'd like to see something like White Rim trail included, whether youre only passing through, or actually spending the night there, it'd be an amazing trail to include.
Monday's Trail List!

As I said earlier, it looks like we've got the trails finalized. And, to help you start your planning, here are the trails for Monday:

  • Chicken's Corners (easy green)
    [*]Secret Spire (green)
  • Dome Plateau (blue)
    [*]Offroading 101 (Tip Toe through Fins N Things) (blue)
    [*]Hells Revenge, Tip Toe (blue)
    [*]Hidden Canyon Overlook (blue)
  • Poison Spider Mesa (red)
    [*]Top of the World, Reverse (red)
  • Overland Run(s) (blue, maybe green)
  • And of course, a black run for those willing and able

We should also have our standard pizza night at Zax.

Thoughts on the day 1 selection? Any favorites in there?
And now with the next teaser - here are the trails we've got lined up for Tuesday

  • Tower Arch (Light Green)
    [*]Hell Roaring Rim (Green)

    [*]Strike Ravine (Blue)
    [*]Seven Mile Rim (Blue)
    [*]Elephant Hill (Harder Blue)

    [*]Backwards Bill (Red)
    [*]Metal Masher (Red)

    [*]Trifecta (Poison Spider Mesa, Golden Spike, Gold Bar Rim) (Red shading towards black)
    [*]Overland Runs (Blue/Green)
    [*]Black Trail (Black)

Not a bad set of runs. I'll also be hosting my disorganized cookout at Canyonlands this night.
Registration update

It's time for another update!

Registration will open up Jan 1st, with Early Bird Registration available for the month of January. So, make plans to register early and often! Save some of the Christmas money you're getting!

I'll post up Wednesday's trails next week.
Just looked at this and I'm definitely behind in my posting.

Time for a quick update on trails and all. As of when I last pulled the report, we're up to 69 rigs. The only trails that are maxed out right now are both of the Elephant Hill runs (Tues/Wed). The Shaffer/Lathrop/White Rim day is down to one spot left - same with Thursday's TOTW. A few other trails (Porcupine, Fins on Friday, and the Trifecta) are getting down into the lower single digits.

If you're thinking about registering, now is a great time. Here's the registration link for you!
Jan 18th update

Latest Rig Count:

75 Rigs, 110 attendees.

Trails that are full:
  • Tuesday's Elephant Hill
  • Tuesday's Trifecta (PSM-Golden Spike- Gold Bar)
  • Wednesday's Elephant Hill (led by yours truly)
  • Thursday's Top of the World

Trails that are filling fast:
  • Monday's PSM only has 7 spots left
  • Wednesday's Shaffer Trail/Lathrop/White Rim is down to 1 slot left!
  • Friday's Fin's and Things has 4 slots left
  • Friday's Porcupine Rim (led by yours truly) has 5 slots left.

We still have plenty of room on other trails, but if you want to make sure you get what you want, you'll want to register early.

Also, for those who really want to run TOTW, we added another run on Wednesday and it's only got two folks signed up.

As always, if you've any questions don't hesitate to PM me.

You can register here!

If you're wondering if it's worth it - it totally is. Bucket list area and bucket list trails abound.
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