Offroading my G's.


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New to the forum but long time driver of G's. Thought I'd share some pics out and about down under. The AMG versions often get labelled as boulevard cruisers but they're just as capable offroad as any other G wagon. You can't beat the sound of the tuned V8....

This was my first G, a 2011 G55, I was bitten by the bug the moment I drove out of the showroom:

Kept it for a couple of years and then swapped it out for a 2013 G63:

This was the main stay and I loved this car, drove all over South eastern Aus with it, kept it for nearly five years. Fast forward and I was visiting my local MB dealer who coincidentally had just taken delivery off the truck of a brand new G63 Edition One. Got talking and ended up driving out with it:

The one I always wanted was the G63 6x6 but unfortunately it was never imported to Aus and only LHD from the factory (yes, we're on the wrong side down here). When the G550 4x4 squared was released I tried to get MB to import these into Aus but alas, no dice. Market too small and $$ too big.

Not to give up I thought why not make the best of both of these. Take the new G63 Edition One and convert it to the 4x4 squared. Seemed like a good idea at the time.... After a lot of waiting for parts; 8 months later I'm back on the road (or Offroad as the case will be):

My new 2019 G63 just landed so I'll collect that after Xmas so now I'm toying with the idea of converting the 4x4 squared to the Brabus Adventurer spec so I can use it as the serious offroader. My insta tag is @g63_traveller if you want to follow along on the adventure.

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