Oh boy. -NOW a build thread

Oh boy. -NOW a build/mod thread

(This has morphed into a build thread)

Here's the progression: 85' Westy (jetta engine conversion), Sportsmobile (7.3 and SMB 4x4 conversion), Bigfoot 25c10.6E truck camper on my Chev 3500 Dually, Luxury RV (too much $) and now a 2007 116 ULT on top of my trusty (heavily modified) Chev.

The mods have already begun. First, Okanagan used butyl tape to bed everything. That's great for keeping moisture out, but the stuff never dries, squeezes out and ultimately collects a lot of dirt where exposed (you can see some of this along the side of the front cap). So, first thing I've been doing is removing excess butyl tape goo, and redoing everything with 3M 4000UV marine adhesive/sealant. Love this stuff (I use it on everything). It's making the rig look and perform better than new. New covered awning for the super slide on order and swapping out all the exterior incan lights for Bargman leds like we had on our former Bigfoot. Although I have some other minor stuff to do, it's not going to take much to get this monster ready for the Winter ski season and a Baja trip in the spring. Okanagan used a brilliantly designed bunk bed system and if anyone ever needs me to take some detailed pics of it so you could copy, just let me know (where was I when I needed such pics when I wanted to add a bunk to our former Bigfoot?).
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Do you have to get clearance from the FAA when driving by airports :)
Just about. It's pretty high with the AC unit. At least it now sits 1" lower than it did in the pic (I had livestock mats in the truck bed as our former Bigfoot would not clear the bed sides without them). Surprisingly not tippy at all. Much easier to load than our former Bigfoot (due to tire size and 2" dually spacers, my tires rubbed on the inside of the Bigfoot's front jacks when loading/unloading. Room to spare with this big fella). Hope I survive the downgrade from in-motion satellite on our RV to having to manually point the satellite on the camper. :)
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to the land of expo. You were not actively "tweaking" that six figure rig you had but I still laugh every time I look at an old post on the sportsmobile site and see that monkey shaking his fist. I thought your chevy and big-foot was the perfect combo. It will be nice to hear how this one holds up in the long run and compares to the bigfoot. I went from my 99 F 250 with 98 1500 bigfoot to high-top 2wd sportsmobile and now have a chinook that is getting some significant modifications. I will put up a build thread when I am close to completed. I don't want to start something on the forum and then allow the public to view how easily I get distracted and projects sit. Regardless, I cruise the truck camper forum as these really are the best way to get an off-road capable rig, with very comfortable living accommodations in a relatively turn-key package. Nice new combo.
Thanks. Yes, the Bigfoot was a great camper, but Bigfoot's layouts are horrible. It was just too small for the four of us. When it was only three of us (most times), it was fine. However, if the missing fourth was along, then too crowded (especially for the kids on that undersized dinette). I often found it safer to go outside if the wife was cooking in there. Too small for ski resort parking lot entertaining too. This time the wife demanded slides, so she got two of them. This is also about 1,000 more pounds than our former Bigfoot, but the truck doesn't seem to care. When I picked it up, the PO said the water tank was empty. I should have checked. It wasn't. It was filled with a full 63 gals of stinky water. That's an additional 500 pounds I wasn't expecting when bringing it home and yet the truck didn't blink and eye. In fact, after all the tweaks I did to the truck after the warranty expired, I managed just shy of 12mpg on the trip home (65-70 mph when I could, and slower on the windy mountain passes, with air conditioning blasting as it was 100 degrees). This should prove a worthy ski rig. For our next Baja trip, we'll take it easier than usual and stick, mostly, to the paved roads. Eventhough the rear axle and bearings are rated for 10k+ and my tires can handle 10K+, I'm seriously considering upgrading to 19.5 rims and commercial tires (had that on our RV and man that added capacity was sweet. We shall see.
OP- nice rig,can you elaborate on using 4000 to seal the butyl tape? Did you just remove the tape that squeezed out with a knife and run a bead along the edge? Any problems with it adhering ( sticking)
I have another post where I am rebuilding my Alaskan with Butyl tape on the vents and windows, but want to clean up the edges with caulk for both extra protection and looks.

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Hyde makes a caulking removal tool. One end has a nice little claw that works great from removing excess butyl. The marine adhesive needs a clean permanent surface to adhere to. However, it encapsulates the butyl well. Hope that makes sense.
Thanks, I'm going to give it a shot, is it pretty easy to work with and get a nice bead, did you use masking tape?

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It's a bit messy, or can be. However, it cleans up with plain ol' rubbing alcohol. If dirt.dust collects on it while still tacky, a quick wipe with a rag an alcohol will clean it right up. However, as alcohol is it's Kryonite, I would not do this more than once (and make sure you dry it completely). Negative on the masking tape (will leave a bazzilion little cotton candy strings of the stuff if removed when wet and won't remove when dry). Again, make sure it's the 4000UV Fast Dry (24 hr full cure).
Here are the results after sealing the slide molding, and most everythign else on the driver's side (plus the new, covered, topper). Not sure I finished everything on this side before the pic, but gives you an idea (actually, i hadn't as I hadn't installed the much improved corner covers yet).



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I see time has marched on for you too. It's good to see others are going for more space and luxury over time. We started with a 1949 Jeep Ute Wagon (with stuff) forty-nine years ago and eleven really wacky 4WD's later we have progressed to a Lance on a Dodge/Cummins.
regards, as always, jefe