Oh boy. -NOW a build thread

Hey Ryan. Yea I'm at 18,500. Hell, going to make it worse as dragging a CJ behind us this trip too. Heading to Baja next week as me needs some warm. Meadows in April?
After a couple years of searching, I finally picked up a hay wagon running gear. Going to put a wood deck on it. Will provide a great, moveable platform for storing the camper off the truck. Will be nice to be able to move it into the shop. McCormack Farmall 30. Similar to the attached pic.


Also ordered up a pair of Happijac 4800 jacks (2800# cap) for the rear. You may recall I replaced the old front 4600 jacks (1900# cap) last Summer and moved those to the rear (I bent the rear ones). Well, last Baja trip the rear 4600s bent. Okay, I bent them. Not horribly. They work just fine, but now make a squeak when going up and down (evidencing the bent outer tube) . I've been considering getting a new camper (build or off-the-shelf) so you guys could have another thread to read, so dropping another $600+ on jacks was not at the top of my list. However, when removing the camper last night, it became obvious I could not continue with the 4600s on the back (whether I keep it or sell it). So, that's that. It will be nice to have the additional 3600# combined capacity and greater extension height regardless. Perhaps time for Ryan to give me a crazy stupid killer deal on a flatbed shell?
Thanks X2! However, we really, really need a cabover. Two adults and two teens (although three teens on this last trip to Baja and I suspect that third teen will demand we take her on all future trips to Baja as well (daughter's bestie)), so a cabover is mandatory. Not really sure what path we'll take. Maybe I could just Superglue a couple of old Bigfoots together ;-).
Just realized I never posted a camper pic from Baja. I think I have only one (wife always complains about getting into the camper, so we decided to try and get her to stop up for a couple of days).

Ooops, found another

and another