Oil drain bolt cross threaded help!

Hello, well the last time I got my oil changed I took my Trooper to a shop (of course the only time in years I’ve taken my vehicle to any shop). Now doing an oil change 3k later I see my drain bolt is cross threaded badly- I knew something was wrong when I just cracked the bolt loose and oil started leaking through the threads. A few questions-

My factory plug (2000 Isuzu Trooper 3.5L) is a m14x1.50, the threads don’t look terrible in the oil pan. Can I just take a m14 tap to clean the threads out and pop in a Fumoto drain valve? Or should I buy an oversize m15x1.50 tap/bolt?

The shop was a very highly rated one but in Colorado and I’m now living in Michigan so I can’t really have them help...



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I'd have guessed the bolt steel would be harder than the pan, so my expectation would have been the pan to lose that fight. But if the threads look intact try a thread chaser and not a cutting tap to clean them. You don't want to remove any more metal than need and use a new bolt. I'd probably install it without any oil to make sure it's going to hold. If that doesn't work I'd use an insert, e.g. a Helicoil or Time-sert, to keep it a M14.
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