Oil Leak BMW R1100s - calling you wrenches


Expedition Poseur
It certainly appears to be the transmission output seal. So Brian, you're thinking this will be a spendy fix, right?
It's a BMW, its going to be expensive. Just sign the title over to me, I'll remove the offending bike (leak and all) free of charge. Then you'll have room for a new *something*.

(yea - I have no idea how much it will cost or how hard it will be to fix).

Christophe Noel

Expedition Leader
I topped off the oil in the gearbox as well as the engine, which was down just a tad. I checked the final drive levels, which looked okay. I've ridden it around a tad and nada. Haven't seen nary a drop on anything. I think it's mocking me. :) Or, it overheard us talking about going to Brian's house and it decided to shape up.
I've got the same R1100S with the identical leak going on. I'm going to clean it all up really well and keep an eye on it to see if I can determine the source. In the mean time, Chris, did you run into any further trouble with yours?