OK...finally time for the Inreach Explorer


Pack from Peru. InReach was awesome - breadcrumbs + two way messaging worked everywhere.

We had verizon, t-mobile, and AT&T phones in our group.

Everything worked in Lima. Everything worked in Arequipa.

Once we hit Cusco, Verizon (my phone) stumbled - either weak 3G signal or no signal at all all the way to machu picchu. AT&T was hit or miss w/ LTE or 3G past Cusco, but usable.

The t-mobile phone was rock solid LTE everywhere. He was playing pokemon go at machu picchu w/ unlimited data.

The InReach let me text & send locations to the guy w/ the US t-mobile phone. That was our main method of communication.

InReach battery lasted for ~2 days while sending 10 minute breadcrumbs. Easy to top off w/ 25w solar panel.

$25 annual fee to keep the inReach activated, unlimited texting for one month ~$60. I'll probably use it twice a year when I'm away from cell signal. So, ~$150 a year. The iOS companion app is great for tracking & messaging.