Oklahoma Adventure Trail


Allrighty it's time for another segment of "how long is it going to take this guy to complete the OAT?"

This time I went over the segment from Salina to Sallisaw for a second time. The main purpose today was just to get the new 4runner on some dirt, get it in 4wd and play with some of the settings to see how it handled.

TUL-Salina, big skies aren't just in Texas! Also it's summer soooo...bug poop.

Well this is my 3rd rig pic at this plane so I guess it's a thing. Salina aquired.

Can't drive hungry so I snagged some lunch here. I like to try to find local places to eat and this seemed to fit the bill. Today was meatloaf day so naturally I partook. It was good enough that I'd go back. Now on to the actual driving - I tried to take pics in different places from last time for the most part.

Headed out of Salina into the backcountry. Roads are paved up to this point, to include where my wheels are right now. As you can see, that changes to dirt rather abruptly once we pass this super professional sign.

I'm always blown away by the tree tunnels that abound on Oklahoma back roads. The photo sucks, also bug poop...but yay trees.

Miles of dirt road interrupted by a 90 degree pavement crossing. Weird, no idea who picks which roads get pavement and which don't but they sure are random!

Illinois river shot, it seemed mandatory. The river was at a normal depth but signs of recent flooding were all over. The road was partially washed away in a couple spots due to undercutting.

Storm damage was all over too. For those unaware, OK has had a record spring for severe thunderstorms and flooding. Numerous trees had simply fallen over with their entire root ball going with it due to the ground becoming totally saturated. It's sad because most of the trees that have fallen are the old growth that will take years to replace.

Tiny fire department in the woods! I found this on my way south out of Stillwell and it seemed like a good spot for a photo.

Found this old bridge farther south between Stillwell and Sallisaw. Obviously no longer in use but it's nice to see that it's still in place.

The day drawing to a close I jumped on I40 and headed back towards Tulsa via Muskogee.

Overall I was very impressed with the truck. I tried various combinations of 2wd, 4hi and terrain select settings. In 2wd it handled like an average rwd truck on dirt. With 4wd and terrain select on....it was like driving on pavement...and I probably drove too fast...and might have caught some air....allegedly. Seriously though, it was great. The truck handled small and large bumps, ruts, etc very well. I've got a 2 day trip planned in a couple weeks so I'm really looking forward to that!


After topping off on gas I took the highway south to Poteau and summited the “worlds tallest hill”…whatever that means!
To add a little context here:
a natural elevation of the earth's surface rising more or less abruptly to a summit, and attaining an altitude greater than that of a hill, usually greater than 2000 feet (610 meters).

As Cavanal hill is 1,999' elevation it' can't be any higher and be considered a hill.
I had no idea it was in Oklahoma much less why it was called the worlds tallest hill so thanks to your post I went and looked it up. Looks like a nice little stop.