"Old Ordinary" 2005 4Runner Build

In early October I got a set of RCI skids installed. The difference between these and the stock skids is unreal. The RCI skids offer a lot more protection and are many times more solid.

I've only had 1 chance to use them properly but they seem very solid.

And a week or so ago I replaced all the exterior lighting with LEDs purchased from superbrightleds.com. This was a strictly aesthetic mod, but I'm happy with the result. The colour and strength of the lamps is just right. This picture shows the subtle difference.

Not much more to report. Winter has been long and boring.
Looks good, how are you liking the tires still? Look forward to a report on the skids - I have an identical 2005 V8 I just picked up for camping duty so, I'll be interested to see where you go with simple and function additions.
Except for the noise, I'm looking forward to putting them back on when winter finally disappears. They've been great.

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