One gallon square water containers?


I need a water container that's square, made of HDPE for water storage, and is one gallon. I'd like something like the one gallon gas containers, which are a perfect fit, but have plastic that imparts a bit of a taste since I guess the one I tried is polyethylene. And the spout was awful. Seems strangely hard to find. Something like the Sceptre 2.5g in a one gallon size would be nice.


robgendreau, please post how those work out. Looks interesting. The description says they're stackable. Maybe some photos?


The baritainers are great; quite cheap in bulk. Usable with chemicals as well; often sold at lab equipment places.

I'd never use Reliance containers again; POS in my opinion. Got leaks from caps, vents, and even holes in the bottom. Just not worthy of hard use. And see those mickey mouse air vents? they not only pop open to leak when you ascend in altitude, but in use on the river they pop open with flexing and then the whole container is contaminated. If you need containers that size get something made for outdoor use, like the LCI or Scepter jerry cans.

Here's a link to the product page, and there are specs there:
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