"One Piece At A Time" Build

2 years now Ive been running around with 4.10s, 215k miles on the motor. Im happy with them.

My axles were 4.10 already, and looking at the $$$ to go 4.56 vs Gas/Travel money, I'm not changing. I daily drive it at 7500ish pounds, loaded for bear is probably closer to 8500.

4.30 will be great, don't hyper focus on your gearing.
Awesome, thank you. Going to look at the van today.
EDIT, sideways pictures. I tried rotating and saving in my phone/computer. Any pro Tips?

We've got 2 trips planned in the near future so I added a few tweaks to the van. Spring Van Camp in early March, and headed out west in early April.

I mounted an MV-50 compressor under the van. Filling trailer/motorcycle/car tires will be its main gig. I rewired it with heavier gauge cable and wired it to a switch inside. Happy with it so far.


I also build Version 2.0 of my ladder. Replaced the 3/4" holes with 1.5" dimpled holes. Sold version 1.0 to a friend.


I also ordered an awning (eBay knockoff) its 8'x8' totally love the extra space. Made 3 mounts that span from the gutter to the roof rack to mount it on.


And since we finished our Sawmill build (did I post sawmill pictures in here?) I milled a new deck for my old trailer.



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