One sweet deuce...


the spare on the side with the 49" michelins looks kinda funny, haha.

That thing is sweet though.


Dave Druck [KI6LBB]
That's the guy that lives out near Johnson Valley CA i believe and builds bitchen trucks. That thing is awesome.


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Definitely street legal, the only issue would be the frame shortening (but that is also a regular practice with over the road trucks, etc. The biggest issue is just slow as balls which is why you see the military towing them all over the place. With 52" tires (if they'll fit) it would probably pick up some speed. I think I also remember them being multi fuel engines, all sorts of fuel can be run through them. I really like the looks of it though. Probably about the size of a Mog I figure...


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I like it. Throw a camper on back and your set. It could either be custom made out of Nida-Core or even an Alaskan. You couldn't go wrong.