Opinions on vehicle / sleeping arrangements for small family


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More possible ideas:
1. Get a cab for you new vehicle and set up a similar sleeping platform as before the little one. Your wife and daughter can bunk in there.
2. Buy a tent/cot for you and the dog to sleep in.
3. Buy a screenhouse (look at lots first) to use for a table/shade/light rain/bugs/keep stuff out of sight, etc. I ran a yellow bug light from the inside top when we had electricity around to read at night, board games, conversation.
4. I pulled a utility trailer for the items that wouldn't fit in the truck/car or didn't need to be in the vehicle: firewood, coolers, small lifetime table, grill/stove, etc.
5. Along with all of the other great suggestions as well especially renting equipment first.


Thanks, TB. All good ideas. I've got some time this winter to think of some plans. Ideally, I'd like to find an older Skamper 072 (Pop up truck camper) for our weekend travels in the warmer months to start out with, and then have a utility shell to use for the off season and winters. Those are my thoughts this week anyways, seems to change from week to week.


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Quick update,

After a lot of back and forth on the truck camper / trailer aspirations, we have decided in starting out with the baby (who just turned 1) to keep it simple and start out with a Kodiak Flexbow 10x14 canvas tent this season with a few cots / air mattress and good sleeping bags. It also comes with a nice awning and porch vestibule which is nice. A drawback is the weight, at almost 90lbs! I'll get a small buddy heater just in case to warm things up before bed or on awakening if needed. This way, we can establish a base camp and not worry about packing things up in a truck camper or RTT for day trips from camp. The Kodiak tents also seem to hold their value pretty well and if needed and want to upgrade it shouldn't be a huge loss in selling. Now I just need to find a decent used topper / camper shell for my DC Tundra, which has proven harder than I thought it would be. I like the idea of the ARE DCU aluminum shells that offer lockable boxes on the sides, but coming across one seems slim.

I'll have to look into a pressurized water option as well as a privacy shelter for changing / bathroom if needed.

Truly appreciate all the input and looking forward to more info and getting out this spring!


I'm surprised that no one has mentioned using a van as a camper. Tons of room inside for a small family and no need to set up a tent that flaps in the wind all night. Much roomier than a camper shell on a truck or a Tahoe/Suburban. It's what I've been using since 1972. Some of the GM vans came with all wheel drive from the factory. I have no experience with the Sprinter vans (also available with 4x4) or the very popular Ford Transit series but they are available with high tops which make it even more convenient when camping.
When you're out there and the weather decides to turn nasty there's nothing like being inside a solid vehicle. Not to mention not having to pack up tents, gear, etc. when they are wet or covered with snow.


We’ve got 6 and 7 y/o and are going with a F150 Screw Cab and a FWC Hawk shell. Hawk shell is $13kish installed and we’re going to build out a sleeping system for the kids. Dogs sleeps on her own platform in the truck where she can keep watch.


[QUOTE="When you're out there and the weather decides to turn nasty there's nothing like being inside a solid vehicle.[/QUOTE]

Yes, but then are you still camping? Can of worms, opened. :D