Options for replacing roof top AC?


MY AF990 has a roof top AC only unit that has a crack or hole in the front of the housing, presumably form a tree branch.

I'd like to remove this unit, and may just block it off, but I'd prefer to replace it with something lower profile and more functional. Most of my use is winter, so AC is not used, though it seems good for resale value, I suspect.

Is there a lower profile option that might also work as a heater? I know heat works better lower, but the power is already there, and It seems like a great way to heat up a cold camper or to run overnight if I have shore power.

Will replacing this with a skylight or vent detract much form its resale value?

I am not looking to buy something expensive, so a block off and some kind of electric heater is likely what makes sense for my application.



Had a Duo Therm in our former Bigfoot. Low profile and worked well. Check PPL Motorhomes as they often have good prices and quick shipping.


There are lower profile units, some are A/C only, some are "heat pump"

I want a lower profile unit for my AF811, and a "heat pump" version.... I'm not quite able to spend the money on one yet though.

If just the outer cover is cracked/damaged, and nothing under it, those covers are easily replaced from parts at an RV store. Covers are available as a replacement part.


American Trekker
You can install a Fantastic Fan. I use a small house electric heater. heat rises. keep the A/C & if you sell camper just give to new owner. FYI=brian