OR heated Mitts vs OR heated gloves.


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do the mitts lose their comfort advantage when pitted against the gloves, and make the finger sacrifice futile?

i wanna know.


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I used heated grips and Held gloves for years. My wife liked the gloves but I found heated gloves too bulky.

You're talking about motorcycle use, right?


Gerbing and Warm and Safe make not so bulky 12v motorcycle gloves. I have tested both and not much difference between them. Do keep the controller dry.

When hunting (read no 12v) I prefer mittens. Fingers next to one another are warmer.

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all purpose use. hands getting to be a joy in the cold.

unheated mittens beat gloves for warmth any day of the week, but simple tasks can cause you to pull the mitt off. gloves are practical, but your fingers freeze.

i was thinking since they were heated fingered gloves would be the best of both worlds, assuming they worked well enough.

i have good experience with OR gear, so i'm leaning OR.


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OR has awesome products. You would have to try. Mitts are hands down (pun intended), warmer, better etc for warmth. Ever try putting on a pair of those little stretchy gloves when needing to do something and put your hand back in the mitt again?


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Keeping your core warm helps your body pump blood to your extremities too.
When it's really cold and we're not active I put a pair of handwarmers in my shirt pockets (second layer after the thermals) and that keeps my blood pumping.
If your core is cool, your body slows down to preserve your warmth for your vital organs. Long Distance Rider 101 Tech. Same thing off a bike.


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i got the gloves. the, "cool, they work sitting on my couch test" has been passed. they would be really nice quality gore tex gloves without the heaters. a proper XL. no floppy fingers, and snug without straining joints, while permitting full movement. it is a winter glove tho. you'll need to remove the trigger guard on the AR for defending Finland, kylla.