Our BunduVry build by BundutecUSA

Our BunduVry build has begun at BundutecUSA. We just got some initial photos to give us an idea of the final product. It will go on our 2017 RAM 3500 4x4 shortbox crew cab with the 6.4 Hemi and 4.10 rearend. The camper will have Tuma Combi heat and hot water, insulated windows and extra insulation on all six sides for four season use. This is basically the stock BunduVry with most of the upgrades. We will have 320 watts of solar with two AGM batteries and space for two 20 lb. propane tanks. We provided a Lagun table mount that Rory will install. What we like best is no oak paneling, no generator, no microwave, no TV, no AC; just a clean simple, uncluttered space. Here are a few photos:

Insulated & on Cart.JPG Dinette & Wardrobe.JPG Bath & Kitchen Side.JPG


No AC would be a killer for me. I don't like to be hot. I can't always get to elevation or travel in the cooler months. Why no microwave, they are convenient and cheap. I understand not watching on air TV, but we sometimes watch a movie at night. LOOKING forward to this build. What are tank sizes? You will love the RAM truck.

AC is optional on all of the units built by BundutecUSA. As for the microwave, it can be custom added but a lot of the BundutecUSA customer base spends most of the time off-grid and most do not want to hassle with an inverter or a generator which would be required to run it. A generator or invert is also needed with an AC unit so if an AC is added the microwave is not a large deal as you will already have a generator or inverter with you to run the AC. We do a lot of custom one-on-one with customers and do the best we can to fit each individual camper with a unit to fit their needs.
It has been a fun process working with you on this build to fit your truck. We are excited about the way it is coming together and cant wait for the final product to be ready for show!
We just sold our 2014 Roadtrek Agile that we traveled 40,000 miles in without using AC, the generator, TV, or the microwave. We travel in the Winter and live in the upper Midwest. This configuration better fits who we are and how we travel. We love the RAM by the way.
Here is the floor-plan design of this unit for you! You get overhead cabinets both above the Dinette seating area as well as above the kitchen.

Floorplan Redraw.jpg

We have also started using a Porta-Potti in place of the swivel cassette so it can be removed and get you full access to the shower pan when looking to shower.


Looks great. I really like how clean the Bundutecs are.

I don't care for microwaves in RVs. They add a lot of weight while detracting from storage space. For something only used rarely (almost never) with full hook ups, I find them to be a negative.
Pateuni the campy is looking good! I really like the way you are specing it out. Microwaves? we don't need no stinkin' microwaves!
More build photos

Here are a couple more photos of our BunduVry build; we expect it to be completed mid December:

Interior Roof & wires started.jpg Lights being installed.jpg

Couldn't figure out how to properly orient, sorry.


Renaissance Redneck
I'll be interested to see the finished product. We have a year in our factory ordered 2017 Northern Lite and I spec'd it with AC but without a microwave. We don't even have a microwave at home, so putting one in our camper would be bizarre. We have dogs and our Weimaraner is very heat sensitive so AC is a welcome addition. We chose one that we can run with our 2000 watt genset, so don't have to be in a full hookup to use it. We camp 90% or more of our time on BLM or other public lands. I always keep the generator in its compartment in case I need to run the espresso machine in a coffee related emergency.

The solar and dual battery set means we almost never need 120 v other than as mentioned above. The installation of a 12v tv was another great thing, but we only watch movies on DVD and only when using the camper for work, which we do around 200 nights per year. Adventure trips seldom if ever see any tv action, as it should be!