Our BunduVry build by BundutecUSA

We picked up our BunduVry last Friday (1/5/18) and are very pleased. We driveway camped at minus 12 F and we were toasty warm. The Truma, insulation, and argon filled windows are great. The fit and finish is superb, what you would expect from a perfectionist. The RAM hardly knows it is carrying it and handles well. The RAM bed dropped 2 inches when loaded and mpg went from 14 to 12. Also, the Easy Hitch Steps work well. We couldn't be happier. I will post pictures when I get a chance.
Thanks for your posts. Spoke with Rory at Bundutec today and started to process to have them build me a camper.
Going to be a little different, may be able to put 1,000 Watts of Solar on the roof.
Should be interesting.

Again Thanks,
Thanks for the pics looks nice! I love how it's simple and doesn't have any of the unnecessary finishes most rvs have to make them look like the inside of a house.

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