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Great Falls National Park...he demanded a picture here. He was proud of his rock scrambling. (Dad was glad no longer carrying him as he found a second wind lol)

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had a group camping trip we do 2x each year tons of fun for the kids !

tree that was blown down and the roots and trunk made a awesome fort and lean to they could build up

my boy standing guard with weapons in hand

and a couple of his new friends :)

he just came up and sat down watching me turned out to be a great expression and shot though :)

and if you get to close !!!
they defeated lots of enemies that day !


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fox worthy

If your kid draws on the walls, not of your home, but your outdoor refrigerator, you may be an adventuring family.



I need to start using the good camera more, but it's so handy to upload cell phone cam pics to facebook for the grandparents. Just a couple from our trip we just got back from:

Last night of camping, so of course we had Mac&Cheese and bacon...because that's what we had left besides pancake mix, muffins, and chips.

How to survive driving across Kansas with Kids, that and MegaCab FTMFW. Start of the trip, wife has a real job with a boss and stuff, had to work. So she flew into Denver where we picked her up.



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Ririe reservoir, Idaho

With his .22 in Las Vegas

And some other activities that are "outside" of the house

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Toquerville Falls in Southern Utah with the family. My son is 18months in this pic.

“I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright.” –Henry David Thoreau
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Nine Mile Canyon in Central Utah, enjoying the hike and getting out of the rig for a few.

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