Outdoor Kid Photo Thread

Great thread. My 4 and 1 year olds are already getting the outdoor treatment.

I see this thread goes back to 2010. Wondering if any of you guys that posted back in 2010 are still going strong with your kids. Hopefully!


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In some ways I am. My son is now nearly 20, and has his own off road rig and has lead groups of other teenagers out to various offroad destinations for camping trips. There is a whole group of them that grew up with us going outdoors, and now they all do it together on their own. It's pretty cool. My daughter....not so much. Mostly just due to too little available time with her competitive sports schedule.
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Big Sur a couple weeks back!

I took my kiddo down to Big Sur a couple weeks ago, it ended up being a pretty amazing weekend and he had a lot of fun!

I'm hoping to take him down to the Mojave again later this spring!

Local state park in Texas, White Sands New Mexico, and a day in the mountains, over spring break. White Sands is another planet if you haven't been. Amazing place.

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