Outdoor Kid Photo Thread

My niece in Woombye, QLD. Part of the family emigrated a few years back. A visit opened my eyes to options.

My brothers’ family in Wales in Autumn. Whilst not far off the beaten track, it is still a lovely part of the country, and the colours can be quite stunning. Perhaps more stunning if I took the pictures with something other than a iphone ;)
Oh man, I have tons of pics. Here is some of my favorites from new to old.


Sedona, AZ:

Devil's Canyon:

Signal Ghost Town:


Box Canyon, AZ:

Southern AZ:


Unknown Location, but camping:


Wonderful kids! It's nice to see that they're enjoying outdoor activities. My little one is an outdoor girl too. :)
My wife likes taking early morning strolls by herself but since we were in bear country the kids weren't letting Momma go alone. My son carried a bat/ flashlight and bearspray and my daughter had her pink Mora. Just ready to kick ass. My wife had bear spray and my 10mm Glock.