Outdoor Photography Links

This is a favorite of mine: www.cambridgeincolour.com

It's dedicated almost entirely to nighttime photography, so not exactly landscape or "outdoors", but close. There are a bunch of really good (and very technical) tutorials, as well as an amazing gallery of long-exposure night shots.
If you shoot Canon equipment, this forum is based specifically for those of us who have the addiction to the white lenses:jump:

Photography on the Net or POTN

Dusty Lens Photography - Steve & Bobbie Bingham are good people who love traveling. Steve used to race off-raod motorcycles and is a great guy to sit around the campfire sipping on a cold one talking about the good ol' days before his feet went arthritic

Ophry's Photography - Site is filled with useful tutorials and info about this field

I wasnt sure if anyone wanted or needed this info, but if you're looking for gear or equipment, the best place to use as a base is B&H out of New York. They have EVERYTHING and are good with shipping and returns

I wont provide a link to it, but if you're interested in browsing our own galleries, we've been on the road traveling for over two years non-stop and have ammased quite the collection of Stock Travel Photography

I'll be checking back to see if anyone has added anything new to this thread. I already had everyone of these links in My Favorites section

I spend waaaayyyyy too much time on the Outdoor Photography Forum, Fred Miranda and POTN! Now I found this forum, good Lord, when am I going to have time to travel!
I came late to this topic, but I see there's a recent post. Let me second the luminous-landscape.com site. Also I see that Alain Briot is a contributing editor of the Nature Photographers Online Magazine. Here is the page about him; http://www.naturephotographers.net/staff/abriot.html

His book, Mastering Landscape Photography is excellent. It is not for beginners, however it is very well done and thoroughly thought out artistic thought process that results in moving your landscape photography to the next level. He is also a contributor/moderator at Luminous Landscape.

If you are a Nikon shooter, this is an excellent site with lens reviews; http://www.naturfotograf.com/index2.html

That link will take you directly to the lens review area.

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outdoor photography links

Check out the Arches Natl. Park photo uploaded to our site. Use the + key 3 times and the arrows to view the image in high def: www.TomWatsonPhotography.com We work in an ultra high resolution format. Panoramas are our specialty. There is no stitching involved in the production of this image.

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Not just nature...

TPN or the Travel Photographers Network is a good place to share, get critique, or simply shmooze with some the the best travel photogs out there.
Names like Kah Kit Yoong, George Stocking, Marsel van Oosten and many other top name photographers are routine posters and contributors.
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