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My wife and I are looking at adding a 4th child to the set of 3 we have now, for me that means finding a vehicle that can carry 4 kids out into the wilderness and make it back safely, probably need a trailer too. I was looking at a used sequia or a land rover but it has to have a 3rd seat. What are your peoples Ideas for a rolling kid hauler with offroad capability and room for 6?


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FZJ80 Land Cruiser
UZJ100 Land Cruiser

Really depends on how much you are looking to spend?


You get a nice 2004 Land Rover Discovery 7-Seater for a good price, have great comfort and have to do very little (if anything) to have it wilderness ready. Full size roof rack, more aggressive tires, maybe a 2" suspension lift and maybe rock sliders and you are good to go. I suggest the 04 as it is probably the best year for Discovery's but you could buy an 01 for around $5k and spend more on the fixins...That's what I'm doing - taking the family to Moab in October for the National Land Rover Rally...


Thanks for the help, ill continue looking into this. I wish they made and FJ cruiser troopie but thats just a pipe dream. Also the 2 most recent 4runner gens have 3rd row


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you are talking 6 people and you want something that will grow with you, not just something that works right now.

I would look at the Ford Excursion w/ 7.3L diesel or a diesel Suburban

A 4wd van would also be an option and there are some amazing examples of builds around here

I would stay away from a Disco or anything small even with a trailer as there isn't room to grow
An 80 series does have a 3rd row but when you really look at the back 2 seats you realize it won't work for you easily.

I know there is an FJ45 Troopie for sale by Pskaat (sp?) but I am not sure even that is what you want...AC , wife comfort an all that.


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Ask Colorado Ron if he's got enough room for 6 with his Pinz. I watched his Youtube review and it seems like it would solve your problem easily. Not to mention it'd just be fun to drive!
My family just grew to 5, and my solution is a Yukon XL (suburban). The more I drive it, the more I like it... the LWB is great for cruising, and it has 4wd and the G80 limited slip diff for some soft-roading that I do. For camping, I also use a utility trailer, which works for two-tracks OK. Its size limits the off-road capability, which would be the same for the Excursion, so you'll have to decide how much of a priority that is. Also, the 06 Yukon gets the same FE as our 04 WJ, so we have more space and same fuel costs.


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The Land Rover LR3 holds 7 adults, unlike the Disco (jumps seats are pretty small in the Disco), but in either case very little room left for even a diaper bag with all the seats set up. My wife daily drives a Nissian Armada and it's awesome people hauler. Huge space ( even bigger interior than Suburban), great turning radius, good 4wd system, traction control, and lots of Titan upgrades will bolt right on. The 2004-05 models had undersized brakes, but the 2006 and onward are excellent. We have a trail Jeep, but find ourselves useing the Armada on most family excusions. The only negative, is that the engine/drivetrain combo is like a racecar. Class leading accelleration and power, but 11mpg on average, 14 on highway. That's where the Ford Excursion with the diesel starts making a lot of sense for a 6 person family with gear....


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I test drove an Excursion with the 6.0L diesel back in 04-ish. Saw 16mpg on the highway. Not bad. But you'd be limited in where you could go due to size. Just depends on what you want to do.

The Discovery II as mentioned could work, but you won't be able to put anything inside. I think you'd have to use a trailer with it, as with 6 people and a roof rack, surely you'd be exceeding the axle weight rating.


Tough call. I guess it depends on what you want to achieve with the vehicle. And where you like to go. You could get by with a LC100 or LR3 but with everyone in place you are going to be tight on storage. The 7 seater Disco II would be too tight with the rear jump seats imho. Or you can sacrifice some off road ability/agility and move into a full size Armada, Expedition, Suburban, Yukon XL etc which would give you greater comfort, convenience, load and tow capacities.


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Awd minivan

4x4 e-350 fullsize van

we travelled up to ontario in our grand caravan with my wife and I, with 4 high school girls in the back. It has good storage behind the 3rd row as well as storage
wells below the 2nd row that would easily fit 2 large pelican cases.

Not to mention a nice roof box like we have on my jeep. That thing holds a ton of gear.


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Hehe, yeah, minivan.

Our Montana seats 6 in comfortable captains chairs, has more HP than our truck, 600 mile fuel range, and can tow 3500lbs. And it's capable of running all the way up to Radisson so... what more could you want? ;)

You really gotta define exactly what it is you want to do.


80 Series Land Cruiser.

With young ones still in car seats third row access is a pain with a middle bench seat. 80's have sliding rear windows for pre-teens to climb through.

Perfect dual purpose vehicle for a family of 6 (I have four kids) as long as you have something bigger for town use. Our second vehicle is a '07 Nissan Quest minivan.

Smaller 8 seater with a trailer all the way :victory:


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Hmmm. Can't think of anything at the moment...:rolleyes:

I've carried 7 people with luggage comfortably (without a thule box on top). You could easily put a thule box on the roof with 6 bikes, and another 4 on a thule rack in back if needed (we often each bring an all mountain and a downhill bike). All in all, its a pretty versatile little rig.
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