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OEV delivered another X10 camper to new owners at Overland Expo West in Flagstaff last week and we wanted to share a few pics of it.

Jeep will be around soon to detail specifics on the build if anyone is interested.

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It was a beautiful camper and the quality is amazing, but it is very heavy as evidenced by how much it squats the truck. I believe the representative at OE told me it weighed in the neighborhood of 2800lbs dry. I weighed my truck as I was leaving town to head toward OE, full water tanks, our clothes, food, tools, and other equipment for 10 days on the road. We still had plenty of storage left in the camper and I had added 3200lbs to my empty weight. My 3/4 ton truck does not squat like that and their camper was mounted on a 3500 1 ton.
Again, stellar camper, just way too heavy for me.

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And its still squatin' pretty good.

On a 1-ton, you are testing it a bit more than I like to see.

Especially if it will see any off-pavement travel.


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3200 Lbs. Under on the front, under on the rear, and stock GM springs, rear squatted 2" when loaded. This unit has a massive amount of storage and accommodations to support the 3 year trip that the owners have embarked on. It all adds up, this is max for a 1 ton single wheel. The next version coming out is about 2500 lbs lighter.

Just for information purposes, the shell on the first X10 we built weighed in empty on solidworks at 745 pounds, since then we have built a few. We did a redesign on our extrusions recently which dropped shell weight on this unit by another 40 lbs, so it really is about all of the equipment added into these units that gets them into the 2500 - 3200 pound range.
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I am absolutely a-fricken-mazed that someone actually left more than 1" of space between the sink and stove! finally someone had on their thinking cap at the design phase. and the execution looks quite well done.

it was a pleasure to see a fact demonstration rather than the usual sales pitch fluff most dealers think people want to hear.

that's a great product and I sincerely hope the company does fantastic; it has obviously done its due-diligence.

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