Overland Journal: G-Wagen


Introducing the newest member of the Expeditions West fleet, the Gelandewagen.

This will be Stephanie's driver, and a mild project for Expeditions West. Overall, the G-Class needs very little for most exploration, so we will mostly focus on basic systems like HAM radio, storage for spares, tools and recovery equipment, etc. The truck also needs new paint and to address two small areas of corrosion (it was a Northeast truck for the first half-of its life), so we might take the opportunity to paint it a lighter color. The prior owner is a friend, and he completed many of the basic travel modifications, including fridge, compressor, winch, etc. This truck has already been on several impressive expeditions, including the extreme Northeast to Labrador and Newfoundland.

This is a Europa imported G-Class, and has a 3.6L straight six and the factory trio of differential locks. These early Europa Gs are preferable to the newer trucks (for me) for several reasons, including system simplicity, the extremely reliable 6-cyl and legendary Mercedes build quality during the mid and late 90s.

We are excited to celebrate the 30 year anniversary of the G-Class with one of our own.


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:drool: I will be watching this with interest. I have always wanted an early 3 door. In apple green. With the orange plaid interior.


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I'm typing this from downtown Aspen where there's a G-Wagen on every street. Temps are below freezing and it's embarrassing walking around with frozen drool on my chin. :drool:

Note to self: Don't lick the G-Wagen!
Sounds great! Wondering how you got it legal - maybe because of the new ones.

It always makes me sad when I see one of them drive by, because they inevitably are shiny paint, chrome plated, not a ding or dent to be seen, spotlessly clean, and will probably never go off pavement (at least for the next 10 years or so till some of us can afford to buy them used!).
It is a 1996. Europa went through all of the work to certify these cars, and bring them up to compliance with DOT.

The G-Class had several iterations, and this one is a 463 platform, which includes (on my year) ABS and Airbag. Most importantly, it has the three magic buttons for center / rear / front differential locks. The newest Gs are G500s, and while the exterior is practically identical, the 500 interior is even more upscale (though my 463 does have leather, heated seats, and a myriad of other options).

This trucks exudes Mercedes quality, and feels like a tank, and should last another 10-15 years for us without major issue. The prior owner just replaced the engine, transmission and transfer case for good measure, upgrading the 3.2 six to the 3.6 six, including a few Braubus goodies ;)
I've always loved the g-wagon -- very nice truck! Looking forward to seeing it in action and what mods you'll add.

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Das ist ein sehr schönes Wagen!

So I think I'm added it up correctly, Mercedes Gelandewagen + LR Discovery + Earthroamer XV-JP = our little 1920 bugalow. You are living the dream my friend, sweet rides indeed. :)