Overland Journal: G-Wagen

Getting the 463 back into camping service. I try to run with full provisions nearly all of the time as camping or travel can be spur of the moment.

Also did a little snow testing with new 285/75 R18 Cooper AT3s. I have all but given up on the beadlocks and the G works great on the 18s with such a large tire. These are a true 34x11 tire
They just won't balance properly. I might give them one more shot, but the 18s and 34s are really working nice.
Thanks - I was just curious. I've considered beadlocks a time or two myself but have found it difficult to justify for the amount of times I've actually popped a bead.

Todd Z.
Looks like the repaint came out really nice.
I agree that the 18" Ashtaroths work really well at 33" and over tire sizes. I ran them for 7 or 8 years that way on some epic trips.
Hi Scott,

Many thanks to your and everyone else who participated to this thread. I went through it with interest and enjoyment.

I drive an LR4 SDV6 8 gears. It has few basic mods for all terrain driving.
I would like to couple it with another truck that can safe, reliable and capable to play off road close to home and equally to take me and my family to long expedition trips in remote area (from Iceland to Africa passing from east Europe).
Here in UK the easiest and most popular choices would be a Defender 110 vs an Hilux 3.0. Obviously diesel.

However I want something, different, something better and something that would please more my (teenager) eyes. A classic. Hence the debate is between buying an European 463 (91-98) auto, either 320 Petrol or 300 Turbo Diesel versus a Toyota HZJ 4.2 NAD Diesel. Probably enough to open a dedicated thread.

Thanks for this so far. I look forward to read more.