Overland Journal: G-Wagen

Looks like the repaint came out really nice.
I agree that the 18" Ashtaroths work really well at 33" and over tire sizes. I ran them for 7 or 8 years that way on some epic trips.
In your experience do the 18 inch ride as well as the 16 inch rims? Was thinking about switching from 18 to 16 but if it makes little difference will save the money. Advice/experience appreciated. I would like a softer ride around town.
I think the ride is pretty equivalent with 33" tires. The biggest difference is when you are aired down and there is an extra inch of space between your alloy rim and a rocky ledge. So the 16" rim would be better for offroading.

If you are using a stock 30.5" tire size of 265/60/18 or 265/70/16, the 16's would be a better ride.